Friday, May 16, 2008

Background 2: Roller coaster…

On Wednesday, it was back to Dayton for another round of appts. The first stop was at Miami Valley for another ultrasound, and the second was at Dayton Children’s Hospital for our first meeting with the pediatric neurosurgeon.

We had a different ultrasound technician and perinatologist this time. The perinatologist (aka, Dr. Doom) gave a pretty bleak prognosis. Not only is the fluid level very high, but now the kidneys are measuring bigger than normal. This combination of severe hydrocephalus, club feet, and now enlarged kidney’s, led that Dr. to describe the situation as “disturbing,” and he thinks it may all point to a syndrome. (Although the amniocentesis and Microarray tests ruled out any chromosomal syndrome, there is still the possibility of a genetic syndrome.) He said if our baby survives at all, it doesn’t appear he would be able have much of a mental capacity. ….Hearing all of this left us confused and a bit numb, but we were late for the next appt. so off we went.

Next stop - Dayton Children’s Hospital…. Our hope level was bottoming out when we got to our appt. with the neurosurgeon. However, he offered encouragement. Dr. Kleiner explained his experience with treating hydrocephalus and what he’s witnessed in brains like that of our baby. Once a shunt is implanted and the fluid begins to drain, the fetal brain has an amazing capacity to “reconstitute” itself or begin growing and expanding. The baby’s development would be slower than that of the avg. kid, but there is still much hope to be had.

So where does that leave us?? How can two Dr’s looking at the same picture see something so different? …Driving home, we came to the realization that only God truly knows what our outcome will be. The Dr.’s each have wisdom and experience behind their opinions, but our true hope does not rest in their hands. It can only be placed in a God who we believe to be Author and Perfecter of life. As cliché and as crutch-like as it may sound, His plan is perfect and He’s faithful.
Please pray with us that we would be prepared for whatever may lie ahead.

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