Sunday, June 15, 2008


Just a quick update to let you know about our most recent appts. We had an ultrasound on Tuesday, June 12th. It was pretty much more of the same. The fluid keeps increasing as well as his head size. His head is still about 5 weeks ahead, so is a little bit bigger than it would be at birth. His kidneys were still larger than normal but appeared to be functioning and not blocked or backed up with fluid. On Thursday we went for a visit with the perinatologist (a doctor of maternal and fetal medicine) in Dayton who will be delivering the baby. He is really nice and just went over a few things with us and gave us more of idea of what will happen after the baby is born. We'll go back to see him in two weeks for an ultrasound and then will also meet with a neonatologist b/c they'll care for the baby after he's born up until he's transferred to Dayton Children's for the surgery. When we go back in two weeks we'll schedule the c-section for two weeks after that, which will be when I'm 39 weeks. . .around July 9th. So we're getting super close!!! We're not getting too anxious (yet) and are just continuing to pray for little Jacob.

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