Thursday, June 26, 2008

12 days and counting

Well, we had our last OB/ultrasound appointment in Dayton today. There was nothing new as far as the ultrasound goes. Jacob still has a big head, lots of fluid, large kidneys and club feet. We did set a date for the c-section (which I'm pretty freaked out about), which will be the morning of Wednesday, July 9th. We were also able to meet with one of the neonatologists whom gave us a better idea of what to expect and what happens after birth. There are still a lot of unknowns b/c it will depend on how he's doing after birth and such. He'll most likely have the shunt surgery that day or the day after. We're not sure quite how long he'll be in the hospital. I guess it just depends on how he does and if he has any other issues going on. It all seems more real now that we're down to the end and have an actual date set. Hopefully we'll be able to enjoy this time and not become anxious. Thanks for your continued prayers and support.


TianaMarie said...

I will keep praying (with persistence, never giving up!). Please let me know if you need anything-- someone to come to Muncie to watch Brody, food, whatever. Love you guys.

missy said...'s so close. i'm sure it is overwhelming to be wondering what it will be like when you finally get to meet him and don't know what things will be like. we'll ramp up our prayers for you all as the day approaches when you get to shower him with your love.

Kris Angarola said...

The date is set, how real. I'm thinking about you and pray that everything goes well. I hope all the uncertainties will subside when you get to see Jacob's beautiful face for the first time.

You guys are awesome. Praying for your strength.

Michelle Martin said...

Wow! How crazy to know the date that little Jacob will be here!!! James and I will continue to pray for all of you and our church will be praying as well! Love, Michelle

Stacey said...

Scott & Kira,

Maureen just sent me the info to your blog! You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Stacey & David