Monday, September 8, 2008

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

When we were in the NICU there were a few huge photos of some babies on the wall in the hallway. Each picture frame had a sort of collage of the baby when it was in the NICU and then another image of the child at an older age with a little bit of their story and what they overcame. Well, Miami Valley is expanding their NICU and doing this big renovation. They want to put up something for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep and asked if they could put pictures of Jacob on the wall. Brandy, the photographer who took the photos of Jacob, called a couple of weeks ago and told us what MVH wanted to do and asked for our permission to use the photos there. Of course we'd be honored to have his photos on display. She also mentioned that whenever she has been back at MVH the doctors and nurses will mention Jacob and how he/we touched them. So that’s always nice to hear. =)

I had sent a couple of little wallet sized photos in a couple of the thank yous to the doctors and nurses. I know that they have photographers come in, but I don't know that they actually ever get to see the photos that are taken. So, I'm really glad that they'll have something up about NILMDTS now since it's such a great organization. We're soooo thankful to have those memories of Jacob captured and now hopefully more parents in our situation will be blessed in that way also.


The Lantz Clan said...

WOw that is awesome. I bet that is a great thing to hear when it probably feels as the world just keeps going. They are beautiful pictures!

TianaMarie said...

The pictures are amazing, and I can't imagine how many more lives those photos will touch hanging on that wall.