Monday, July 7, 2008

Info on the big day

Less than two days until Jacob’s debut! This may be info-overload, but here’s a glimpse of how the doctors think Wednesday and Thursday will look…

The c-section is scheduled for 10:30am. Once they yank him out of there, they’ll give him a thorough exam while they put me back together. We’ll then be able to visit with him in the NICU. Later that day, we think Jacob will be transported about 5 minutes away to the Dayton Children’s Hospital where he’ll have a CT scan and other tests. He’ll stay the night there and have brain surgery Thursday. The neurosurgeon usually likes to wait 24 hours after birth before he would perform the shunt procedure. Meanwhile, I’ll be at Miami Valley Hospital for 2-3 days recovering from the c-section and being kept company by family and friends. Scott will be doing a little back and forth between hospitals until I’m able to join him at the Children’s hospital. …We’re really not sure how long Jacob will be in the hospital. It will all just depend on how he’s doing – his health in general, eating, gaining weight, etc. They’re guessing a couple weeks, but there’s not any way to know at this point.

While we’re in Dayton, Brody will be staying at Scott’s older brother’s house and Scott’s parents will be there to help take care of him.

We’re feeling pretty ready to move forward and see what God is going to do with all of this. Our hope is in Him, and we’ve been really encouraged by all of the support and love from everyone. I’m sure we have no idea what is in store for us, but we’ll soon find out! It’s just starting to hit me that this baby is actually going to be a real person and my son. I know that sounds a little dumb, but before you know the baby, it’s just the baby, but when he comes out, it’s a whole different story. Plus with all of the appointments and ultrasounds, the focus has been on this baby’s brain, kidneys and feet and not him. So I’m excited to finally meet this little guy, look at his face and know him.

Thanks for your support!! We’ve been overwhelmed by your prayer and encouragement.


The Kristiansens said...

Baby Jacob's birth is on my calendar! Lars and I are celebrating his life with you and look forward, with you guys, to see God's hand. I believe that God is going to do amazing things through this little son of yours! We love the Zicks!

missy said...

I was praying from Psalm 33 for you today.
v20-we wait in hope for the Lord; He is our help and our shield.
v22May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in you.

We love all 4 of you!

mariska said...

Good luck to all of you. My thoughts will be with you and hope for some good news soon. Mariska (from the ventriculomegaly forum)

Brittany Gard said...

I wish you the very best and am praying for you and Little Jacob!

Kris said...

Lots of love to you guys. I'll be praying that the day went well and baby Jacob is finally in your loving arms and in the hands of knowledgeable doctors.

You guys are blessed! Congratulations and I look forward to seeing the updates.